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Vietnamese Keyboard Publisher's Description

This is the first Vietnamese Keyboard that people use for input Vietnamese in Vietnam. Simple, stable, fast, and effect, support two Vietnamese Unicode standards and three methods of typing Vietnamese. It is the most famous software for users who use Vietnamese in the WORLD!


  • The standard size of SIP keyboard following the recommend from "Handbook for Software Applications" - Microsoft Corp.,
  • Keyboard layouts is very compatible for Vietnamese input, and friendly for all kind of uses.
  • Drop tone-mark in Vietnamese exactly. No mistakes in spelling.
  • Include Gestures features, help typing fastest with pen base devices (similar standard keyboard).
  • Support all combined keys: Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + Q... like the real keyboard.
  • Small, Simple, Stable, Fast and Effect.
  • And almost Vietnameses in Vietnam use this keyboard with his/her Pocket PC.

Support two Vietnamese Unicode standards:

  • TCVN 6909:2001 (Pre-Composed Unicode)
  • Microsoft (Composite Unicode)

Support three methods of typing Vietnamese:

  • Natural method - very comportable for foreigner who is learning Vietnamese
  • TELEX - very friendly method for typing Vietnamese in computer (North Vietnam)
  • VNI - very friendly method for typing Vietnamese in computer (South Vietnam)

There are two versions of Vietnamese Keyboard version 3.3

  • The first one supports both QVGA and VGA resolution, and it chooses the right keyboard automatically, belong to DPI: if Hi-DPI it is the large keyboard (480x160), and vice versa...
  • The second one supports for Pocket PC with VGA ONLY. You always use the large keyboard in both Real VGA and VGA Emulation (this function has only in Pocket PC with VGA resolution LCD). You will know exactly what different between two versions through images of this product in action.

Requirement and Compatible

  • Every Pocket PC runsWindows Mobile 2003 (SE) and Windows Mobile 5.0. The previous versions (Pocket PC 2002 and above) are not supported.
  • You need install some Vietnamese Unicode for correctly display characters on Pocket PC.


  • QVGA & VGA auto switch version
  • VGA ONLY version

Some images of product in action

QVGA layout for Natural input method

QVGA layout for TELEX & VNI input method

VGA layout for Natural input method

VGA layout for TELEX & VNI input method

QVGA keyboard in action

VGA keyboard in action

Real VGA resolution (Portrait) with standard keyboard

Real VGA resolution (Portrait) in action

Real VGA resolution (Landscape) in action

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